How Keynote Speakers in Singapore Can Help by Going Virtual

Another Possible Lockdown — How Keynote Speakers in Singapore Can Help by Going Virtual

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The sudden scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many of our lives — introducing many new concepts and processes into our daily lives. The COVID-19 outbreak has rendered it unsafe to visit hospitals. This restriction has also been extended to other establishments due to a total lockdown, bringing forth another pandemic: poor mental health.


Being one of the many keynote speakers in Singapore, I too have witnessed this phenomenon even in one of the most competitive countries in the world. Physical illnesses are one thing, and mental illnesses are another. Because of these ailments, people have shifted to telemedicine, consulting a professional virtually instead of the usual face-to-face.


With something as important as medicine going virtual, it has become apparent that other things, especially in the corporate world, will shift to virtual settings. Thankfully,  the COVID-19 pandemic has eased out, and the world has adapted to the new normal. But another threat is looming above our heads: the NIPAH virus.


What is the NIPAH Virus?

According to the World Health Organisation, The NIPAH virus is zoonotic, meaning that it is transmitted from animals to humans. The NIPAH virus (NiV) can spread through contaminated food or directly between people. The early symptoms that an infected person has include a fever, headaches, myalgia (muscle pain), vomiting, and sore throat. 


In Singapore, the virus isn’t actually novel. The virus was actually discovered in the country, along with Malaysia, in an outbreak in 1999. A Singapore abattoir had an outbreak of encephalitis and pneumonia in March 1999 among its employees, and the NIPAH virus was the cause.



How Can I Help My Team if There’s Another Lockdown?

Employee morale and well-being could suffer considerably from another pandemic in a number of ways. The reappearance of a pandemic can, first and foremost, lead to increased levels of stress and worry in workers who may already be feeling the effects of the prior crisis on their mental health. 


Because of this, employers must take proactive steps to counteract the negative effects of a new pandemic on employee morale and well-being. These steps should include open communication, access to mental health resources, and flexible work schedules.


Another lockdown can also bring forth feelings of isolation in your team, which makes it vital to organise events — albeit virtual.  Employees can interact and support one another through virtual team-building activities, social gatherings, or even informal virtual coffee breaks, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. You may consider hiring the best keynote speaker to spearhead these virtual events to suit your teams’ needs.


Reaching out to one of the many keynote speakers in Singapore can help. During a pandemic, a keynote speaker can raise employee morale and well-being. Employees who may be struggling with stress and anxiety may be encouraged and uplifted by their professional insights, inspirational speeches, and useful advice. These speakers frequently offer a different viewpoint and a sense of community, letting the audience know they are not the only ones dealing with these difficulties. 


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