Navigating the AI-powered Workplace Landscape as a Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Back then, we could only see the words Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in science fiction or documentaries about robots. Now, it’s all around us. Numerous AI software can be seen everywhere — from your phones and kitchen appliances, in smart homes, and lastly, in your workplace. Even as a keynote speaker, I could observe […]

Harnessing the Power of Self-Care to Advance Your Career

self-improvement speaker

One may forget to care for oneself in pursuit of one’s goals. We are all familiar with all-nighters, missing out on social events, and even failing to eat when working hard to attain desired outcomes. Even as a self-improvement speaker, I once had my fair share of doing these things. But by neglecting yourself, you’re […]

From Awareness to Action: Building a Supportive Workplace Culture for Mental Health

Mental Health

Where I live, Singapore has always followed a collective workplace culture. Here, employees are expected to follow what the leader says. However, not all employees feel the same way. Some leaders look at mental health differently due to different factors.  I noticed that poor mental health can affect everyone. In an office setting, particularly, it […]

Building a Supportive Workplace: Proactive Steps to Address Common Mental Health Red Flags

YuJin Wong | Keynote speaker

More often than not, an individual’s well-being can impact how well they can perform at work. From my experience, it is easier to bounce back mentally when employees have a supportive workplace with pro-employee policies. For example, the banking industry allows high-performance employees to take breaks when needed — and many other sectors occasionally conduct […]

How to Conduct Employee Development Training in a Hybrid Work Setup 

YuJin Wong | Keynote speaker

After the pandemic, work arrangements have evolved. Remote work changed the game, allowing employees to take more control of their time. With remote work came the hybrid work setup, which has become a preference for aspiring employees nowadays. Moreover, hybrid work has allowed employees a better work-life balance, as they seldom have to report to […]

Beyond Productivity: Prioritising Employee Empowerment, Wellbeing, and Mental Health

YuJin Wong | Keynote speaker

Overall good holistic well-being translates to better workplace performance. However, stress is an inevitable occurrence in the workplace. According to statistics from Mercer, one in two employees feel stressed daily. The best course of action here is to invest in employee mental health benefits, contributing to overall employee empowerment.   In this article, we will discuss what […]

How Managers Can Communicate Expectations And Appreciation in The Workplace

training plan for employees

According to Microsoft, 52% of millennials and Gen Z workers are likely to change employers. Many factors can contribute to this, such as getting unclear feedback between managers and employees. If proper expectations were set by managers beforehand — something like a training plan for employees can go a long way — poor employee retention […]

Understanding High Turnover: What Employees Want At Work

Woman Wearing Gray Blazer Writing on Dry-erase Board

Work provides opportunities for employees to thrive at any given time. However, it is inevitable for work to have stressful moments. As a team leader, you oversee productivity. Consequently, rank-and-file employees follow their manager’s orders. Unfortunately, stress is a reason why many employees leave the workplace. When there is too much stress, they may not […]

Best Practices For Long-Term Employee Retention

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Nowadays, workers want to work for companies that value their time and effort in making a difference. From my experience, I can say that it’s natural for them. However, for employers, we need to step up our game. Without a doubt, employers need to improve employee retention in the long run. Employee retention initiatives are […]