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What clients say about YuJin and his programs?

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NTUC Income


Aviva Financial Advisors


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Tokio Marine


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Public Bank


SME Bank



National University Hospital

Singapore Police Force



Immigration and Checkpoint Authority

Moet Hennessy Diageo

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"YuJin, thank you for your session in our final sprint. More than 10,000 agents attended and got excited with your high energy level and sharing. I’m sure you inspired lots of them to achieve peak performance not only in this final lap but also in their lives."
Rusli Chan
Rusli Chan
Chief Agency Officer, Prudential Indonesia
"Superb lessons. YuJin knew exactly what to teach to produce real results. Exactly what we need in this fast-paced world."
Khoo Kar Khoon
Director of Communications, Nestle
"YuJin is an exceptional motivator who can really move people to action. Our team got so much more than we expected."
Sebastian Goh
Assistant Head, Singapore Customs
"The training from YuJin left us feeling even more inspired, and even more empowered. Thank you YuJin for the dynamic and highly engaging session."
Justin Leow
Senior Financial Services Director, AIA
"An awesome speaker that teaches you how to strengthen your mental toughness. Also gives you a 360 view on how to spot your mental blind spots."
Anders Chong
Senior Financial Advisor, SG Alliance
"He has a very systematic framework to help many develop mental toughness regardless of what careers or life stage you are in. A great coach and partner to work with."
Derek Koh
Group Financial Services Director, Prudential
Love the vibe and his high energy throughout the whole course. The training programme is very well structured, with very good visual illustrations, and also live demonstrations given on the concepts presented! Will highly recommend his programme - suitable for both new Financial planners and seasoned financial managers alike! Keep Up the energy YuJin!! You are an Inspiration! =)
Peter Sin
Financial Services Speaker, Trainer, Consultant
"Learned loads on how to improve myself and the team. His courses are extremely interesting. A great motivational speaker in Singapore."
Jessie Soon
Senior Deputy Director, Central Provident Fund
"He has brought emotional awareness and taught our team how to manage stress and have peak performance. We have continuously engaged him."
C.W. Lai
Training Manager, Genting Group
"YuJin is an award winning motivational speaker who permanently empowers people to transform their lives."
Erin Tan
Compensations & Benefits Manager, Citibank
"Superb lessons. YuJin knew exactly what to teach to produce real results in work and life. Exactly what we need in this fast-paced world."
Wan Zainuddin
Head of Human Capital Services, SME Bank
"YuJin is an exceptional motivator who really inspires people to take action. One of the best motivational speaker in Asia!"
Jesper Lim
Director of Sales, Moet Hennessy Diageo
"YuJin is a professional motivational speaker who is the best in Singapore. Very knowledgeable indeed. Thanks for sharing your passion!"
Charlotte Tan
Administrative Manager, Singapore University of Social Sciences
"YuJin is a truly inspirational speaker. He will rev up the engine in you to succeed. Insightful session indeed."
Daniel Ong
Director of Financial Services, NTUC Income
"YuJin is an awesome motivational speaker. After attending, I felt energized, motivated and ready to do the changes that are required for better work and better self."
Hazell Yeo
Financial Services Consultant, Financial Alliance
"He is one of the top success motivational speakers that really speaks from the heart. Also a corporate trainer Malaysia should be proud of!"
Julianer Hee
Director of Agency Strategy, AIA
"YuJin is the best business motivational speakers that Malaysia and the rest of the world can rely on to give practical advice to succeed."
Muhd Haminuddin
Training Manager, Isetan
"This guy will light up the room. He is one of the most energetic motivational speakers I have ever seen in action."
paul final
Paul Sancho
Conference Organizer, Accent Events
"YuJin has an amazing stage presence that holds large audiences captivated by his energy, confidence and leadership. Whether speaking about mental toughness or focus or discipline, YuJin has audiences engaged, active, learning, and loving it. If you're looking for a speaker to inject energy and dynamism into your event, to keep your audience engaged and focused, and to add a special spark of motivational magic to your event, stop reading and connect with YuJin now."
Tim Wade
Tim Wade
Transformation Leader, Wade Global
"YuJin was highly professional, sharing his knowledge and useful tips with our agents. At the same time, he was engaging and interacted well with everyone. He had his eyes on the clock to ensure he covered all the areas within our tight timeframe which we appreciate. What I like most is his genuine sincerity and how he aims to add value for all of us to benefit. Trust we will be seeing more of YuJin in future!"
Azita Baizura
Azita Baizura
Head of Corporate Sales & Marketing, Principle Asset Management
"I saw YuJin speak at a conference last year. He was high energy and very engaging. If you are looking for high-energy and deeply motivational keynotes, YuJin is the man. His powerful keynotes will leave the audience both energized and informed. He is also a master in storytelling and speaks from the heart. His lessons on mental toughness are extremely relevant in today's world. I would recommend his keynotes if you are looking for a speaker for your event. Keep up the great work and continue to inspire the world, YuJin!"
paul final
Peter Dhu
Corporate Communications Expert
"YuJin is a living example of a Mental Rockstar, given his background and his life experiences. And that makes him the perfect speaker or trainer for this topic. He is cool, calm, and composed when sharing the framework to achieve peak performance success."
Joe Wan
Joe Wan
Vice President, Manulife Financial Advisers
"YuJin's workshop was one of the best I have ever attended. He was willing to share very practical advices to participants, especially "10 Things to Challenge Yourself". He showed us what the next action steps were. I would like to highly recommend others to attend his workshop. It is more than motivational seminar. I wished I got to know his workshop earlier."
Ron Miura
Ron Miura
Associate Director, Synergy Financial Advisers
"I attended YuJin's workshop. Even though it was conducted through virtually, YuJin managed to make the whole session very fun and engaging. I started applying the concepts to my daily routine, it really helps to improve my daily life and at work as well. I highly recommend YuJin to those who looking for motivation or seeking breakthrough. Thankyou so much YuJin for the useful resources!"
Pauline Teo
Pauline Teo
Executive Senior Financial Consultant, Great Eastern
"The Mental Toughness course was a real boost! Prior to attending I have only heard about how good this course is but attending it really makes a difference! YuJin’s way of speaking is captivating and everything he shared will make you realise “Oh I’ve been through this! That too!" Basically all scenarios were close to heart events and make you feel that these things you are experiencing are just part and parcel of what life has to offer and no one is alone on that. Just pick things up and move on and you will be a better individual entirely. Don’t have to be perfect, just be better than yesterday! I would say this course is right for anybody because everyone has their piece of slump where they get sucked in unknowingly. It is just courses like this can turn on the switch and get you fuelled again and get on with life out of that dark dark slump!"
Sherine Cher
Sherine Cher
Premier Consultant, AIA
“YuJin is a dynamite when it comes to motivation and energy. His dedication to personal development and willingness to share is something to be admired. YuJin has also contributed to the financial industry by his various sharing in main platforms and also his course which I have also attended recently which have benefited myself and my consultants tremendously. I highly recommend YuJin if you want to develop mental toughness with the best. He is truly a mental rockstar!”
Mark Tang
Mark Tang
Group Financial Services Director, AIA
“I attended YuJin's course and I found it to be packed with many useful lessons that can help us achieve excellence in our work and personal lives. The lessons are clearly structured, and delivered in memorable, bite-size pieces that we can easily implement into our daily routine. The course also explores our human psychology and provides ideas on how we can better manage our mental state to maximise our performance. Overall, a refreshing course that combines the best lessons from various sources for self-development. Highly recommended!”
Justin Leow
Junhao Cai
Chartered Financial Consultant, Prudential
"Without a doubt, YuJin has delivered and is in a class of his own. His program brought us to a deeper level of reflection and provided us the opportunities to rebuild, recharge and revitalize ourselves as we start the year 2021."
Darren Tan
Darren Tan
Director, Aviva
"Thank you YuJin for the dynamic and highly engaging presentation. The training left us feeling ever more inspired, and ever more empowered."
Justin Leow
Justin Leow
Senior Director, AIA
"Well-presented sharing with the team! Many times I have heard about mental strength and positivity however YuJin has managed to structure his course in a way that is easy to remember and to take small steps daily to continuously refuel our minds. A very good reminder for mental strength. Thanks YuJin!"
Martin Eak
Martin Eak
Assistant Sales Manager, Majeton

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