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"More than 10,000 attendees were excited with your high level of energy. I’m sure you inspired lots of them to achieve peak performance not only in their work but also in their life."

Rusli Chan, Chief Agency Officer, Prudential Indonesia

What clients say about YuJin and his programs?

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YuJin specializes in mental toughness for peak performance at work. With his experience of working 15-hour days as a lawyer and investment banker, YuJin’s approach transcends the standard motivational talk and is based on deep, proven and powerful research delivered in a sensory experience that will enlighten and entertain audiences not just from banking, finance and insurance but of any industry. 

YuJin will shift perspectives, incite action and enable peak performance – all delivered with ROCKSTAR panache.

Signature Keynotes

Be A Mental Rockstar

YuJin’s signature keynote on overcoming challenges, building mental toughness and reaching excellence in work and life.

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Best for sales leaders, reaching peak performance, breaking barriers, and stepping up at work and life.

YuJin will demonstrate how peak performance can be achieved with four simple yet powerful steps with the R.O.C.K™️ formula. Attendees will leave with the essential principles needed to drive their performance to a higher level and transform their fear and trepidation into unstoppable confidence. 

He will bring your event to life with engaging stories, powerful music and energetic interaction. You can expect an empowering line-up of uncommon mindset shifts and brave modes of operation designed to create empowered trailblazers— perfect to motivate and inspire your team members to new heights personally and achieve bigger results professionally.

By understanding the R.O.C.K™️ formula during this highly kinetic and sensory-driven program, your team will get a blueprint on how to incorporate mental toughness, peak performance and Rockstar swagger at work and life.

Key Takeaways:

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Soar Like A STAR

Deeply inspiring keynote on self-leadership, teamwork, taking action and producing results to soar and win in business and life.

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Best for building collaborative culture, teams, leadership, and action-taking culture.

Individuals don’t win in business. Teams do.

Strong teams build successful businesses. 

By synergizing with your team members, you can overcome obstacles, adapt to change and achieve great success. By working together, you will soar to greater heights. 

Through captivating stories, powerful lessons and high interaction, YuJin will take your team on an unforgettable journey of excellence in disruptive and demanding environments. 

Be inspired to shine on your own stages by working together while maximizing each member’s potential to reach greater heights.

Key Takeaways:

Energize & Achieve

High energy keynote that focuses on being your best self and bringing all of YOU to what you do.

Energize and achieve

Best for boosting motivation, enthusiasm, energy, personal power

What if every member of your team optimizes their potential and gives everything they have got to every challenge, personal or professional? Can you imagine how much that would impact and transform your organization?

YuJin’s powerful keynote teaches a proprietary model for work and life excellence that optimizes the body and mind. This creates a culture of high achievers who tap into their highest potential while inspiring others and achieving more. 

Combined with specially crafted music, YuJin will lead the audience to participate in movement activities with great energy and enthusiasm. A magical combination of music, movement and invaluable lessons, this keynote will leave the audience entertained, energized and empowered.

Key Takeaways:

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