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YuJin’s Official Bio

Heralded by the media as the “Mental Toughness Expert”, YuJin is an award-winning speaker, trainer and leadership coach. He is a triple-degree holder and is certified under the International Sports Science Association as well as the Mental Toughness Research Institute, two of the top performance organizations in the world. 

YuJin has been featured numerous times on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines for his expertise in mental toughness and motivation. His groundbreaking work on mental toughness is used by professionals, entrepreneurs and the world’s leading brands to evoke peak performance. His work has earned him numerous awards including the Global Brands Icon in Peak Performance. He has also graced the cover of Men’s Health as a fitness model.  

As a former lawyer and investment banker working 16-hour days, YuJin brings real world experience and examples that empowers, engages and enlightens. He is well known for his energetic, heart-thumping and electrifying stage presence which has mesmerized audience all over the world. YuJin lives in Singapore with his wife, Samantha and faithful dog, Cino.

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