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Stay Fit and Healthy During the Holidays


Health and fitness often take a serious hit during the holiday season. For many of us, the holidays mean indulgence and scrumptious feasts. We take this time as an excuse to binge on those high-fat, high-sugar food that we don’t normally partake in on regular days. And why not? It’s time to celebrate!

Being on a strict diet over the holidays can be rather lonely so I totally get the joy in socialising and eating good food. There’s nothing better than talking with friends and family over a delectable meal and letting loose with some fine wine. 

However, you can indulge without sabotaging your health and fitness goals! Sounds fake? I’m telling you it can definitely be done!

Below are 4 tips you can use to stay fit and healthy while still enjoying your holiday meals. 

1. Greens first

Instead of going to the party hungry, make sure that you get in your daily greens first. This can mean eating a salad before leaving home or sticking to a green smoothie pre-event. It’s harder for your brain to make healthy decisions when you’re famished and are presented with delicious-looking processed food. It’s like going to war without your armour on. 

2. ‘Nothing off limits’ mindset

At the event itself, don’t label anything as off-limits – that will only make you want to eat it more. The general rule of thumb is to eat a little of everything you want so that you feel satisfied enough. Just make sure to be strategic with your plating. Use smaller plates or smaller portions for low-nutrient food and make ample space for greens and protein.

3. Hydrate with water

It’s so difficult to track how many flutes of champagne we’ve had when we’re socialising with friends. That’s why it is almost always a good idea to have a glass of water near you and opt to sip on that throughout an event or gathering. 

Not only are these drinks empty of nutrients and are high in sugar, calories from drinks also add up to a lot. By choosing plain, simple water or unsweetened tea, you can stay level-headed and maintain your daily calorie intake.

4. Don’t miss your workouts!

With all the last-minute shopping, work deadlines, events and gatherings, it’s easy to cancel your personal commitments like your gym sessions. However, sticking to your healthy rituals is the key to remaining fit during the holidays and beyond. 

Movement is a non-negotiable for me. Even when I’m not in the mood or have low energy, I always attend my scheduled workout sessions because I know I will feel much better afterwards. 

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain a workout session, schedule fun activities with your family and friends. Hiking, playing tennis, or frisbee are all great for strengthening your relationship. You can also gift your friends gym and yoga class passes so you can workout together. 

There you have it! Some of the most practical ways I use to stay healthy and fit during the crazy holiday season. It’s so important for me to spend quality time with family and friends and enjoying indulgent meals is obviously an activity that everyone loves. With the strategies above, I can enjoy my holiday guilt-free knowing that I am prioritizing both my health and having fun. 

Are you finding it difficult to maintain your healthy rituals this holiday season? I hope these strategies can help you find the balance between staying healthy and indulging. Wishing you all a joyous holiday!