Motivate Your Team from a Motivational Speaker in Singapore

Understanding Motivation: Top Tips to Motivate Your Team from a Motivational Speaker in Singapore

Motivation can be a fickle thing by itself. It comes and goes, and every person has a different drive that kickstarts their drive to chase success. This fact may make it challenging to nudge a team towards this drive — each member may have different personalities and interests. However, in the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, motivating your team is not just a managerial duty; it’s an essential skill that can define the success of any project, department, or organisation. In this article, we delve into the world of motivation through the wisdom and insights of a motivational speaker in Singapore.

Intrinsic Motivation

To motivate your team, you must first understand the concept of motivation. There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. A motivational speaker often uses these two concepts to motivate people, making them effective.


Engaging in an activity for its inherent satisfaction rather than seeking a separate benefit is known as intrinsic motivation. When intrinsically driven, people are inspired to act by the fun or challenge involved rather than by outside demands, pressures, or rewards.


Extrinsic Motivation


On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is a type of drive fueled by benefits from outside sources. These can be material, like cash or grades, or immaterial, like acclaim or renown. Extrinsic motivation focuses solely on external rewards, unlike intrinsic motivation, which comes from within the person. Extrinsically motivated individuals will keep at a task even if it isn’t gratifying in and of itself. For instance, someone might perform a task at work that they dislike to pay their bills.


Intrinsically Motivating Your Team


Understanding the difference between these two types is crucial. With these, you will get some ideas on how to motivate your team. For example, intrinsically motivating your team will involve:


  1. Providing autonomy. Allow team members the flexibility to decide for themselves and to own their work. The sense of power and responsibility that independence provides can be motivating.
  2. Encouraging mastery. Encourage the desire of your team to grow their skills. Check out and offer resources for learning and growth.
  3. Creating a positive work environment. Foster a workplace culture that is inclusive, supportive, and enjoyable. A positive atmosphere can be a powerful motivator.
  4. Exposing your team to new perspectives. On occasion, introduce your staff to outside sources of inspiration. Consider hiring a  motivational speaker in Singapore if you’re in the country. Meeting others with various perspectives and experiences helps re-energise their inherent motivation. 


Extrinsically Motivating Your Team


While intrinsic motivation is often more sustainable and fulfilling, extrinsic motivation can still be effective in the short term. It can include tangible rewards like bonuses, promotions, or praise and negative consequences like reprimands or job loss. Other examples include:


  1. Providing additional benefits. Provide extra benefits, such as health insurance, retirement contributions, or wellness programs, as a reward for loyalty and performance.
  2. Provide performance incentives. Implement performance-based incentives, such as commission-based pay for sales teams or performance-based bonuses for meeting targets.
  3. Assuring them of job security. Offer job security and the promise of employment stability for employees who meet or exceed performance expectations.

Motivate Your Team With the Best Motivational Speaker in Singapore

As stated earlier, intrinsic motivation has positive long-term effects on your team — and one of the best ways to do it is to hire a motivational speaker for your organisation. Contact Mental Rockstar now to motivate your team for success!