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In This Brave New World, Is Your Event Online?


Corporations all over the world have shifted to remote working arrangements. This calls for an upgrade in management, a bold strategic refresh and a demand for new leadership insights.

Feeling left behind? YuJin is here to help!

YuJin is now offering virtual keynote speeches and corporate motivational webinars in Singapore and Asia. His trademark high-energy motivational events will be delivered straight to your team and will reignite their passion for work amidst the new challenges they must face in this brave new world. 

With a professional team to ensure studio-quality audio and video production, you’ll experience the transformative magic of YuJin’s events wherever you are!

Are you ready to change the way your team works?

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virtual keynote speeches and webinars include:

What clients say about YuJin and his programs?

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the online trend


As the world remains deeply affected by the lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing regulations, a new norm has emerged. The way we work has changed and now more than ever, people are spending more time alone. 

However as humans, we are designed to be social creatures. Add this to our continuous desire to learn and improve, we have evolved yet again and found a revolutionary way to learn and connect with each other. 

Whether it is through virtual keynote speeches, webinars or the best motivational podcast, demand for learning has reached new proportions. Aligned with this need, we have designed keynote speeches and webinars specifically designed for Singaporean organizations and their teams.

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Why Online Webinars are More Effective

Virtual Workshops

As one of the top corporate trainers in the field of mental toughness, motivation, mindset and mastery, YuJin can craft customized virtual workshops in addition to your virtual keynotes. Workshop length can vary between one to three hours.

why YuJin?

As one of the leading business keynote speakers in Asia and Singapore, companies hire YuJin for his fresh leadership insights, high-impact speeches, and evidence-based strategies on how to deal with issues faced by corporations around the world. 

His virtual keynote presentation and online seminars frequently receive 5-star reviews, with extremely positive feedback from many organizations in Singapore.

YuJin goes above and beyond to ensure that every event is transformative and unforgettable for the participants. Schedule a call now and let YuJin design a customized event perfect for your organization.

"Superb lessons. YuJin knew exactly what to teach to produce real results. Exactly what we need in this fast-paced world"
Khoo Kar Khoon
Director of Communications, Nestle

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Teams and organizations worldwide have achieved their peak performance thanks to YuJin. Are you ready to be the next one?

Elevate your business and inspire change in your company with a tailored keynote or program.

Let’s talk about how YuJin can help you energize and inspire your organization for real, sustainable and lasting change.