Insights From The Best Motivational Speakers in Singapore

Why Less is Sometimes More When It Comes to Productivity — Insights From The Best Motivational Speakers in Singapore

We always see the term “productivity” thrown around in corporate settings. Leaders often use this term to encourage team members to drive success and meet goals. However, many of the best motivational speakers in Singapore will tell you otherwise — myself included. I always mention attaining PEAK performance in my workshops, but I know that productivity alone isn’t enough to reach the absolute PEAK. In this article, I’ll tell you exactly why!

Today’s Unhealthy Obsession With Productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, the hustle culture glorifies productivity and urges people to push for more. However, this narrow focus can lead to unintended side effects, compromising work quality and affecting mental health and overall well-being. This phenomenon is also called toxic productivity. Toxic productivity happens when our fixation with work starts to affect our health. It  can take many forms, such as constantly pushing ourselves to achieve more, even when exhausted or ill.


Always prioritising productivity despite other factors needing attention results in a quality vs. quantity trade-off. In an employee’s haste to get things done, team member’s outputs will appear rushed and lacking. This trade-off is particularly noticeable in industries where production speed is prioritised over the excellence of the end product or service.

Further, what is not discussed enough is that focusing too much on productivity will take a  toll on employees’ mental health and creativity. The pressure to meet demanding targets and deadlines often results in high levels of stress, anxiety, and even burnout. The creative aspects of work can also suffer as the mind becomes consumed by the drive to produce more, leaving less room for innovative thinking and problem-solving.


Striking a Balance for Optimal Performance

Many of the best motivational speakers in Singapore will tell you that leaders must strike a healthy balance instead of focusing on productivity alone. This entails understanding your employees’ motivations, encouraging a healthy work-life balance, and fostering a culture of good mental health in your organisation. 


Another thing that leaders can do to reach this healthy balance is to encourage personal growth and skill development.  When employees are encouraged to invest in personal growth, they become more adaptable and versatile. Their newfound skills and knowledge boost their effectiveness and  contribute to the organisation’s success by ensuring a workforce that can meet evolving challenges. Things that can boost employees’ personal growth are mental toughness workshops or inviting the best keynote speaker in Singapore suited for your team. 


Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Another advice that the best motivational speakers in Singapore will give you is to foster innovation and creativity within your organisation instead of encouraging productivity alone. Creativity is a cornerstone of organisational success, and enabling  it is essential for a holistic approach to performance. Innovative solutions, fresh ideas, and a willingness to think beyond traditional boundaries are all products of a creative environment. Organisations that prioritise creativity often experience breakthroughs, stay ahead of the competition, and adapt more effectively to change. Further, creative problem-solving can lead to streamlined processes and more innovative, market-ready products and services, thus enhancing overall performance.


By integrating creativity into the workplace and providing the resources and support needed, organisations can foster a culture of innovation that contributes significantly to overall performance.


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