Tips from a Singaporean Motivational Speaker

Applying Financial Principles for Personal Development — Tips from a Singaporean Motivational Speaker

Our finances are an integral part of our lives. For some of us, financial principles have been taught since childhood — when our parents gifted us a piggy bank and told us to save for the future. We’re constantly told that the only measure of our success will be how we manage our monetary assets. How we acquire our income even comes up in daily conversations, with people constantly asking what we do for a living. However, as one of the top Singaporean motivational speakers out there, let me tell you this: our success isn’t only measured by our wealth but also by how we improve ourselves to unleash our highest potential.


Personal development can be complex, especially if we spend our whole lives hunched over work. However, we can make personal development much simpler if we apply financial principles to other vital aspects of our lives — principles we’ve been utilising since we started our professional careers.




Receiving our paychecks marks the start of sitting down and grabbing a pen and paper or even opening a spreadsheet to allocate your assets towards your wants or needs. But budgeting doesn’t have to be for money alone — you can also use this principle to budget your time. We only have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days — or 366 — a year. How you choose to allocate the time you have can significantly influence your personal development. Perhaps you can give time to read a good self-help book or practice mindfulness. You can even allocate just ten minutes to learn new things and upskill!


For example, despite being busy as a Singaporean motivational speaker, I always find time to hit the gym to improve my physical wellness. I also budget time to spend with my family! Time is also a critical resource that needs to be budgeted well, and how you choose to allocate your time can significantly influence your personal development.




As you diversify your investments to reduce risk, you should balance your energy between different parts of your personal development. While budgeting your time is essential, it could also be possible for you to have all the time in the world yet still lack the energy to invest in yourself.


Perhaps you invested your energy to mull over your mistakes. While mistakes are crucial to improving, sometimes we hold ourselves back because of fear of failure. Instead of doing that, you should invest your energy in planning how to bounce back from these blunders.


Treating personal development as an investment in yourself helps you make smart choices for long-term growth. Your current investment portfolio may be impressive — but it is also the time to think about investing your energy in practices to develop yourself — such as listening to motivational insights from keynote speakers in Singapore!


Planning for Retirement


Many of you may have a separate bank account devoted to a retirement fund. Some of you may have also chosen a long-term position for the great retirement benefits your current company may have.


But preparing for retirement extends beyond merely saving money — it’s also about forging a future where you can reminisce with pride about your personal development journey. 


Remember what I said about investing in your personal development? Those investments will yield profound dividends once you have retired. Saving for retirement encompasses more than a series of figures on a balance sheet — it signifies ensuring that when you look back, you behold a life filled with growth, contentment, and accomplishments that fill you with pride regarding your chosen path. 


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