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From Awareness to Action: Building a Supportive Workplace Culture for Mental Health

Mental Health

Where I live, Singapore has always followed a collective workplace culture. Here, employees are expected to follow what the leader says. However, not all employees feel the same way. Some leaders look at mental health differently due to different factors. 

I noticed that poor mental health can affect everyone. In an office setting, particularly, it can also impact an employee’s performance and well-being. This is why banking companies are implementing ways to address employee well-being. A good example would be is how Singaporean banks are now reaching out on a more personal level to their employees. 

In this article, we will discuss how we can build a supportive workplace culture that can benefit employees’ mental health and overall well-being. 

Things To Know About Mental Health In The Workplace

Although my country is home to the best banking companies, it also has a competitive work culture. This has resulted in many employees experiencing mental health issues. These include anxiety and depression. 

As stated by HRM Asia, lost productivity due to mental health issues results in S$16 billion yearly. In the same article, data from Duke-NUS Medical School and Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health found 13% of respondents visited an emergency department at least once. Notably, 9% were admitted to a hospital. This results in annual healthcare costs of S$1,050.

One way to address this problem is to acknowledge the elephant in the room: mental health. 

Why Talking About Mental Health Matters

Mental health is the basis of an employee’s well-being. As employers, we are responsible for the environment our employees work in, as well as handling employees’ workplace concerns. MyCareersFuture says that one in every seven Singaporeans will face a mental health issue in their lifetime. Therefore, we must talk about it.

One way to discuss mental health is through training programs for employees. These training programs involve keynotes about building better workplace culture. Leaders and employees can use this as a venue to discuss mental health and improve their well-being. 

Best Actions To Improve Workplace Culture

Improving workplace culture is a long-term responsibility. As employers, we need to foster good relationships among employees for better productivity. Their well-being should be a priority. 

Here are some actions to improve workplace culture. 

  • Identify company core values – Every company can benefit from a good workplace culture by identifying and practising core values. Analyse key aspects so they can result in better output. Begin by looking at the foundation of the company. Are these values aligned with your company’s vision? If not, what can you do to change it? It is also the basis for promoting an effective workplace culture in the long run. 
  • Establish trust – Trust is the foundation between employees and employers. However, it is something that needs to be earned and established. The more established the trust, the more long-lasting the relationship will be. Remember, trust is a reciprocal relationship. 
  • Ensure employees feel valued – Work culture is rooted in an employee’s daily experiences. Their beliefs and perceptions can influence their actions, leading to various results. If you value your employees, they will be more motivated to do their best. Things like these manifest through small things like simple feedback. If you continue to acknowledge their contributions, it keeps your employees motivated to keep doing well. 

Form A Supportive Workplace Culture With The Mental Rockstar Program!

Forming a supportive workplace culture is committing to employee well-being. It is important to talk about mental health as it affects everyone. Team leaders and managers are responsible for looking out for their employees. They can do this by establishing trust, investing in their talents, and letting their employees feel valued for their workplace contribution. Ultimately, cultivating supportive workplaces builds better workplace culture.

The Mental Rockstar Program aims to build an effective work environment for companies. Led by YuJin, an award-winning mental toughness coach, former lawyer, and investment banker, he provides deep discussions to improve performance. Contact Mental Rockstar now to build a better workplace culture!