Is 2022 the year for you to succeed? Achieving Mental Toughness is the way. - Mental Rockstar

Is 2022 the year for you to succeed? Achieving Mental Toughness is the way.


If you are here, you already know that my name is YuJin and I’m the founder of Mental Rockstar Academy.

And I’m here to walk with you towards achieving your peak performance and Mental Toughness.

We have been through some turbulent years which have stirred many things in our lives. For some of us, it has meant quarantine and isolation in an already isolated life. For others, loss of health and loved ones. Grief has filled our homes at times in many different ways as our way of life has changed so drastically.

We are also on a path that is still not clear–each year we want to believe that the pandemic is nearly over, that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel–that we will eventually go back to living our normal lives and leave the lockdowns and working from home all day situations behind.

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life working in this field, and it has never been a better time to invest in our Mental Toughness. We have been shown through this pandemic, how important it is to live our lives for ourselves and have strong minds to ensure that outside factors don’t destabilise everything in our lives. Better yet, to ensure that we can still reach our peak performance, because that is possible, regardless of what is happening in the World.

In fact, I invite you to see the journey so far as the preparation work for 2022, where I believe we will all rise, we will all get the opportunity to reach goals and attain important knowledge, because we have already tested our resilience and our desire to live differently.

What is Mental Toughness?

Mental Toughness can be defined as the mindset required to perform at optimum levels, produce results and thrive in adversity, challenge or difficulty despite the odds.

There are people in life who succeed, in the most adverse of situations and those who seem to fail or never fully develop, though their circumstances are not as harsh. Some people take their difficulties and turn them into their superpower, and others, turn these challenges into excuses to hide from their full potential.

I know you want to thrive and that you have been through difficult times. I know that at times it feels like you can’t get out of the challenges you find yourself in. Or you even feel like “you can’t make it”. Being mentally tough will enable you to live your best life, to thrive in your career and at home. To know that no matter what, you will always make it.

The truth is that I believe the difference between those who “make it” and those who “don’t make it” comes down to their Mental Toughness.

Not convinced yet?

Think of Navy SEALs or Army Special Forces. Think of ironman, triathletes, marathoners, boxers, athletics – all competitive sports. They have all embraced building their Mental Toughness in order to succeed.

Think of Mark Allen who lost the Ironman Triathlon Championship six times (to the same person!) and then went on to win six gold medals.

Meditate on the success of Serena Williams. She has won more Grand Slam titles than any other active player and has lost the number one position eight times! Eight times! And she has climbed back from injuries and other issues, bit by bit, to number one, again each time.

Do you remember Tiger Woods’ affair posted all over the tabloids? He lost his family, his composure, his status. He endured really poor performance for 7 years and finally clawed his way back to number one!

One of the best, most recent examples of Mental Toughness comes from Tennis player Rafa Nadal after winning his 21st Grand Slam, after seasons of continuous defeat and a huge lack of belief by the public that he could make it back to the top 5. His Mental Toughness is given the credit for his wins.

And me?

Well, if you have ever heard me speak or read my book “Mental Rockstar”, you know that I too have experienced deep failure in my life, to the point where it didn’t feel like it was really worth living. I lost all my money and that of some members of my family, as well as my business, my new wife, my health, my dignity and all self-belief.

I felt like nothing could ever get better and was full of shame and defeat.

It was a hard climb back without a defining angelic moment that brought me to all that I do now. I started to study and became a certified Mental Toughness coach, certified hypnotherapist under the American Board of Hypnotherapists, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, a Time Line Therapy practitioner, and a Master Class Trainer.

I travelled, I learned from all kinds of gurus. I started to put into words the practises that had not just “saved” me, but actually sky rocketed me into the award-winning motivational speaker and author that I am today. I’m not boasting here.

I want you to know, I was just like you and felt just like you do, and you can achieve your goals and be successful in life too.

I worked really hard to get to where I am today and made a path for myself using a blend of all the different techniques out there. It got me from a guy standing on a ledge, to a guy being spoken about in big newspapers and magazines, with an incredibly fulfilling passion fuelled career and mission. I also started experiencing real joy and happiness in my personal life.

Ok, so you get it, but now… where do we go from here?

I did the work so that you don’t have to. I devised a Mental Toughness program with practical, down to earth advice. Techniques that you can put into practice the moment you read them, and that can help you to become tough, mentally tough.

It’s called the Mental R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R FrameworkTM–yes, we all want to be Rockstars, especially when talking about Mental Toughness. This is also an acronym for the Framework:

I have created, putting together all my experience and training. I believe that this is the winning formula for achieving Mental Toughness: Resilience, Optimize, Confidence, Knowledge, Self-Leadership, Teamwork, Action, and Result.

Throughout the weeks, I will be sharing content in connection with one of these principles, so that you can start building the framework with small, actionable steps and practises. The Mental ROCKSTAR Framework is not scientific research–it is a manual for you to embed Mental Toughness in your life and achieve your maximum potential.

The principles and advice are drawn from different fields, such as neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, biology and sports sciences. I’ve connected the fields and sewn it into actionable, and highly practical tools for the modern person.

The path is not always easy, but it’s also not as hard as it may look. We take progress one day at a time, adding habits that support our mental health and resilience. We optimise our ideas and build our confidence.

We take action.

So, do you want to become a Mental Toughness Rockstar?

Do you want to reach your full potential?

Do you want to perform at your highest possible level, without feeling drained or compromised in any way?

Do you want to look at life, knowing that you can climb over any obstacle you find, with the right attitude, strategy, belief system and support?

Welcome to the journey towards becoming a Mental Toughness ROCKSTAR.

My name is YuJin, and I will be with you every step of the way.

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