Leadership is Relationship

A lot of people often see leadership as something big and intimidating. One of the common ideas towards leadership is that it is something that bears the spotlight; it is associated with carrying great power and authority—which perhaps, we will all agree is not totally untrue. But, have you ever tried to look at leadership in another way—seeing it as a simpler and ordinary task that anyone can actually do?

They always say that leadership is influence, and if that’s the case, guess what? We are all leaders! Whether you are a student, a young professional, a veteran in the industry or a parent–you’ve got that influence—and a unique one! I strongly believe that each one of us is made and designed to influence a specific people group in our lifetime.

And it’s always up to us how are we going to steward the influence that we have—but if we want to cultivate a good and effective leadership, let me tell you one secret:

Build genuine relationships with the people in your sphere

Be a friend to the people you are leading. Identify yourself with them. Listen with empathy. Speak from a position of grace.

In doing so, you will be able to know them on a personal level—what kind of help do they need at present? What drives them? In what areas of work do they excel? What blockages do they have in their life and work? How can you help elevate them in your own unique way?

Leadership always starts with influence and grows stronger with a good relationship. And remember that any good relationship includes trust, integrity, accountability, and compassion.

This may not be easy as it seems–and it really isn’t! But, as we try to view leadership as a mustard seed instead of its tree, we believe that we wouldn’t want to do leadership the same way again.