AI-powered Workplace Landscape as a Keynote Speaker

Navigating the AI-powered Workplace Landscape as a Keynote Speaker

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Back then, we could only see the words Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in science fiction or documentaries about robots. Now, it’s all around us. Numerous AI software can be seen everywhere — from your phones and kitchen appliances, in smart homes, and lastly, in your workplace. Even as a keynote speaker, I could observe the phenomenon of AI taking over numerous industries with which I had the privilege to collaborate. As a result, this phenomenon raises some questions: What even is AI and machine learning in the first place? What are our next steps? How do we navigate the new workplace landscape now influenced by AI and machine learning tools? 


Let’s start with the first question.



What is AI and Machine Learning?

According to a study by the Istanbul Technical University, AI, or artificial intelligence, mainly revolves around granting a computer the capacity to carry out cognitive processes, including perception, logic, learning, and interaction. Due to three technological advancements that have sufficiently matured and converged — advancements in algorithms, vast data, and rising computational and storage at affordable costs — AI has quickly infiltrated our lives by solving commercial challenges. 


Most AI tools of today are powered by machine learning. IBM defines machine learning as a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science which focuses on using data and algorithms to simulate how humans learn, gradually increasing various systems’ accuracy.


However, what may look like a solution to rising challenges has been a constant fear for some people. Many may think AI or machine learning tools would eventually replace them in the job market. But this isn’t always true — AI needs humans to operate it. To fully understand the concept of AI, here’s how it is being used in the workplace.


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AI and Machine Learning Tools and Uses

Here are the most used AI and Machine Learning tools in the current workplace landscape. Most of these are quite familiar — you may even recognise them!



ChatGPT is an AI-powered natural language processing tool where you can communicate with the chatbot in various human-like ways. The language model can help you with writing emails, essays, and code and provide answers to your inquiries.



This tool helps review problems in English writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery. The software also looks for plagiarism and proposes fixes. Users can also alter their language’s style, tone, and context according to their preferences.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant provides voice commands, conversational searching, and voice-activated device control, allowing you to do various tasks after saying the wake commands “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” It is intended to provide you with conversational encounters.


Adapting to the New AI-powered Landscape

Many people may think these new tools will soon replace them in their jobs — but that’s not necessarily true. They are only there to help you and make things more convenient. Without anyone typing prompts, ChatGPT or Grammarly wouldn’t exist. Without anybody saying commands, Google Assistant wouldn’t also be around. 


On the other side of the coin, innovation is still popping up everywhere — and there could come a time when AI could easily replace today’s jobs. Here’s how I adapted:

  • Embracing AI tools and integrating them into my workflow. AI tools shouldn’t be shunned and feared. Numerous tools have helped me stay organised as a keynote speaker and helped me be on top of my game. It’s a matter of how AI can help you — not how AI can break you.
  • Staying authentic and growing my network. If there’s anything that AI can’t do, it’s being human. Apart from keynote speaking, I am also a self-improvement speaker. AI can’t empathise and understand mental struggles like humans can — nor can they lead and form meaningful connections!
  • Specialising in areas that people need help with. I launched my Mental Toughness workshop and R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. framework as a keynote speaker to help people unleash their inner rockstar and stay on top of their game. It’s about focusing on your why and staying true to it as you go — again, something AI can’t do.

Want to help yourself and your team navigate this new AI-powered landscape? I can help with my Mental Rockstar program — designed to foster success within your organisation and unleash their PEAK performance even with today’s challenges. Let’s tailor an event suited to your company’s needs.