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Reset Your Life for 2023

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Now that the festivities are over, it’s time to sit down and carve out some time to plan the year ahead. The new year is always brimming with fresh opportunities, and everyone’s always so excited to start something new. However, many people often lose track of their goals halfway and just completely forget about them. That’s why year after year, they don’t see much growth. 

Wondering what you can do to make a strong start this 2023? Here are three things you can do to reset your life and take charge of your year!

Choose your one word.

I talked before about the importance of choosing one word to describe your 2022. Now, we’re thinking early and choosing one word we want our 2023 to be. Some popular choices are focused, grounded, healing, healthy, connected, powerful, creative, confident or mindful. 

Oftentimes, this one word will come easy because it’s exactly what your subconscious is hungry for. Listen to that voice inside your head and let this one word ground you and bring you back to your vision anytime you feel lost and confused.

Keep track of ONE bad habit you want to let go of.

Whether it’s worrying, spending too much time online, or being too hard on ourselves, we all have that one habit that eats away our precious time and energy, and stops us from being the best we can be. To start the year, choose just one habit that you know is not good for you, and write down one habit you’ll exchange for it. 

For example, if you have the impulse to check social media, tell yourself that you’ll take a walk or clean the house instead. Or if you have the bad habit of comparing yourself to others at work, you can opt to review your past performance and plan out how you can improve. 

A note on getting rid of a bad habit: it takes A LOT of time. You probably have done this habit for years now, so it might take just as long to let it go. For example, if you’ve been a worrier and a pessimist for as long as you can remember, then it might take a few years to retrain your mind to see the positive sides of things. There’s no magic trick that will immediately change the way you think but consistent effort and practice.

You can also set rewards for yourself when you successfully dialed down a certain habit. Or consequently, set punishments like donating a particular amount of money when you do something you said you won’t do. Whichever works for you is great, as long as you are persistent at tracking and slowly eliminating that one bad habit.

Start-Stop Design.

Now that you have defined your one bad habit, think of what good habits you want to be a part of your life daily. Then, design an environment that makes starting your good habit easy. If you want to exercise more, put your shoes and workout clothes where you can see them easily. If you want to learn how to play the piano, put your keyboard in your most frequented place. If you want to eat more fruits and veggies, prepare veggies in advance and put your fruits on your countertop where you can easily see them.

Inversely, design your environment that makes it difficult to do your bad habits aka an environment that makes you want to stop doing a bad habit. What you can do here is to make doing a bad habit so inconvenient that it’s easier to just not do them at all. Delete the apps you know are wasting your time. Get rid of the unhealthy snacks in your pantry or put them at the very back of your cupboard so you have to remove and reorganise everything else before you can get them. Use extensions to block the website you don’t need at work. Or leave your phone outside of your room before you go to sleep

Your environment dictates your habits. Especially if you’re still working from home, environment design is so essential to help you stay focused on your goals.

It’s wild to think that we’ve already started another year. While there are many variables that may have taken the wind out of our sails this past year, we need to remember that we have full control of what’s going to happen in 2023. Leave behind the habits and thoughts that are stopping you from reaching your full potential, and welcome the new year with fresh vigour.

As always, I am always here to help you and your organisation in case you need an extra boost of courage, confidence and determination. Let’s make 2023 an amazing year!