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The Importance of Taking Breaks In A Fast-Paced Environment

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Right now, a fast-paced working environment affects one’s productivity and energy. And every company has a different working environment; I’ve been in that position before. Some companies, especially startups, can have fast-paced work days. It can be quite overwhelming. And that’s where taking breaks comes in. 

Most leadership training programs encourage employees to take breaks. The rationale for this is simple: it’s beneficial for you. 

First, you will get enough time and energy to make better decisions as you rest. Personally, I take breaks because they help me focus. 

Here are the benefits of taking breaks:

  • Reducing stress – From personal experience, there are varying degrees of stress, which differ from person to person. When under extreme stress, you’ll find that you may need to take a break so that you can ground yourself and manage it. I find it best to manage them by taking a break. 

If you practice taking breaks, you are less likely to be stressed at work. 

  • Restoring motivation – Long-term projects can affect your productivity and motivation. Resting gives you a chance to regain your motivation once again. Even a short break do wonders for your motivation high for longer periods.  
  • Improving concentration – Taking a break helps you concentrate. If you allow yourself to slow down, you can also preserve your energy. With your remaining and regained energy, you canfinish the job.

    Thanks to taking breaks, you get a constant energy level and improve your focus. In addition, as with any leadership program would dictate, improved concentration helps you produce better results for you and your company. 

In summary, taking breaks is beneficial for every employee to achieve great results. You reduce stress, restore motivation, and improve your concentration. It gives you enough energy to focus on daily tasks and your long-term goals. 

Tips For Taking Breaks

While taking a break helps, it should not affect your productivity. So when working, consider these tips when taking breaks.

  • Set a dedicated break time – A set break time encourages you to manage your time at your pace. You can set it at lunchtime, during the afternoon break, or during a 15-minute break. Remember that it should be within your schedule so you can still finish what should be done. I follow these by heart because each person has their own time.  
  • Rest your eyes –  If your job requires looking at a computer screen throughout the day, then you need to rest your eyes. The light from the computer screen is harmful to your eyes, and it affects your vision. 

Prolonged usage can blur focus, changing how you look at things, including your work. Try to look away from the screen every 20 minutes so you can rest your eyes. 

  • Walk around – Sitting at your computer or assigned spot for too long is not good for your energy. You can walk around your workplace, house, or neighbourhood to get a change of scenery. I personally walk around to think of ways to improve my work ethic. Once you’re more comfortable, you can go back to work and finish your task. 

These tips can help you manage your time and effort at any time of the day. Moreover, having a break can help you make informed decisions without exerting unnecessary effort. After all, rest is important.

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Taking breaks benefits employees as it preserves their energy and improves focus. You set a dedicated time for breaks to restore your motivation and regain strength. In the long term, taking breaks motivate you more to finish your work. 
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