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Why You Should Be Open In Your Relationships

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Personally, I often think of relationships as a connection between two people. A healthy relationship involves mutual communication, vulnerability, and honesty. It also involves openness and trust – two things that are also needed in the workplace. 

Being open encourages inclusion and trust in the workplace and personal relationships to any of your relationships, whether acquaintances, co-workers, or family. By writing this article, I hope that I can enlighten, inform and educate you how to build trust and openness in your workplace relationships. 

Building Trust In A Relationship

From personal and professional experience, I can confidently say that trust is the basis of all strong and healthy interpersonal relationships. It is what allows you to build strong relationships. It also is the foundation for openness in a relationship. Earning a person’s trust builds camaraderie and strengthens team building, especially in the workplace.

Remember, it takes time to earn trust from other people.

You can try to consult a mental toughness expert, if you have underlying issues in any of your relationships.

Check out these ways to build trust in your relationship:

  • Listen to feedback– Listening is a crucial skill that you need to nurture, especially since it relates to feedback. Feedback, after all, is about active listening. It is all about thinking of the best possible solution to perform better – and becoming better.

    When being given feedback, refrain from being reactive. Instead, you can focus fully on who you are talking to and what they are saying.
  • Share your feelings – The next tip on becoming more open is to comfortably share your feelings. According to the University of Michigan, data shows that whenever we are vulnerable in our work and share our emotions with others, we can understand each other better. As a result, working with each other becomes easier and you can perform better at work. 
  • Practice accountability –  Accountability is taking responsibility for any action you do, whether good or bad. It is also a very good value to practice, because it shows that you take initiative. 

According to Harvard Business Review, 91% of employees say that “effectively holding others accountable” is necessary for the workplace. Therefore, you need to understand the weight of accountability. Remember, dignity is the foundation of accountability. One example you can try is by being punctual during work hours. Your presence affects your relationship with the team and it shows how responsible you are in the workplace. 

  • Acknowledge their feelings – Lastly, accepting and acknowledging other people’s feelings makes them feel seen for the effort they have exerted. I personally understand this feeling very well. It validates them and their hard work. It also makes others feel more motivated and positive – and be more inclined to provide you help in the future.

Proper communication and a positive mindset are one of many ways to improve mental toughness. As a mental toughness expert, I would certainly agree. It all starts with the right mindset to be open in conversation.       

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Having a good and open relationship with our teammates is crucial for our overall performance. By listening to feedback, sharing your feelings and practicing accountability, we can maintain and open a good relationship with our teammates, and foster trust. At the end of the day, good and healthy communication benefits everyone.
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