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Workplace Discrimination: Insights from the Best Keynote Speaker

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According to a study published by the consumer research company Milieu Insight, around 1 in 2 workers in Singapore have already experienced workplace discrimination. As a keynote speaker in Singapore myself, I know that even a widespread problem like this can be easily overlooked. Workplace discrimination can be because of an employee’s race, gender, or even age — which is incredibly saddening because nobody should even be experiencing discrimination in the first place. While some companies already employ anti-discrimination measures, increasing awareness of this problem is still essential.


This article will discuss some insights from the best keynote speaker regarding workplace discrimination.


Different Forms of Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination can take on many forms and might be disguised as something minor, even if it is not. Here are some of them:


  1. Promotion discrimination. Some employees may be unfairly passed over for promotions or career advancement opportunities based on their protected characteristics, such as gender, race, or age.
  2. Assignment discrimination. Employees may not be given difficult or high-profile tasks, limiting their opportunities for advancement and recognition in the workplace.
  3. Pay gaps. These refer to disparities in earnings between different groups of employees, often based on factors such as gender, race, or age, with some individuals earning less than others in comparable roles.

4. Microaggressions. These are subtle, unintentional expressions of bias or stereotypes, including verbal, nonverbal, and environmental cues, creating an unwelcoming work environment for those targeted.



Ways to Combat Workplace Discrimination

When workplace discrimination strikes, being a mere bystander does not cut it — especially if you are a leader. There are many proactive ways to combat workplace discrimination, and here are some of them:


Training and education. Provide the staff with diversity and inclusion training and keynote speaker presentations to share industry insights and motivate change.

Encourage open dialogue. This will create a secure environment for discussing experiences without worrying about discrimination.

Zero tolerance policy. Implement a firm, “no tolerance” policy against discrimination to ensure that each team member is held accountable.

Support systems. Create staff resource groups and support networks. Inviting the best keynote speaker for your team’s needs can provide guidance and motivation.

Regular evaluations. Review diversity and inclusion initiatives regularly, and consider inviting keynote speakers to offer new viewpoints and keep the momentum going in the battle against discrimination.


There are many forms that employee discrimination may take, but despite this, there are also various ways that you can combat these — especially if you’re a leader. Whether hiring the best keynote speaker for your team, regular evaluations, or a zero-tolerance policy — any step you take in combating this phenomenon is vital in taking care of employee well-being.


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